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Most Demanded Services by Canadian Secondary Students

No matter the situation, the first step is getting to know the student and the family as well as we can. We do this by assessing the needs of the student, their priorities, and the family values. We do this through interviews with the student, family, and key professionals; student and parent questionnaires; informal and formal surveys; testing; and a school record review.

It is not unusual to feel lost when it comes on setting reasonable and achievable academic goals in early high school years. However, students without goals are as ships with no directions in open waters. Therefore, goal setting is an essential part of academic and personal success. Goal setting involves various personal and academic objectives to be covered by considering student’s potential.

We create a customized study plan for each students to get the biggest score improvements. First, we identify your strengths and challenges to figure out your exact level in different skills of the test you are scheduled to take. Next, we create a week-by-week study plan customized specifically for you. Our experts use frequent assessments to measure your progress.

Each session is an unique opportunity to motivate and energize our students. Choosing the right school is the result of careful and thoughtful planning. We guide our students through educational process as well as supporting them academically and socially. We provide unique solutions to each student’s situation from personal coaching to arranging the right tutor.

Westhill Academy Global Summer Camps

We believe that educational experiences gradually lead to the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and values that students will carry with them for lifelong. Whether your child is with us for all year or just a few weeks over the summer, they will enjoy a new standard in private education with a dedication to excellence permeating every aspect of the experience. Through innovative, challenging, and enriching programs, Westhill Academy spans academics, performing arts and sports, students leave with experiences and memories that build confidence and a love of learning. As Westhill Academy, we are proud to announce that we are conducting our one of a kind summer camp in Istanbul Turkey.

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Our Most in Demand Services by International High School and College Students


University application and admission process is overwhelming for most students and parents. However, each student is unique and has different timeline and requirements. We extent our tailored services to all those pursue an education path.

Study Permit is the most important piece of paper you need before you arrive in Canada as an international student. Approval of a is always at the discretion of the Canadian visa officer. We help you to put forward the best application for study permit.

It can take a while to adapt to your new community; to feel comfortable with English, make new friends and enjoy Canadian culture. Moving to a new country can be very disruptive, but we are here to help you and your your family to settle in Canada.

We assists students throughout their academic journey - before you arrive, during your studies and as you are about to graduate. While studying in Canada, Westhill provides support and advice that you need to succeed in your studies and career goals.