Education Consulting and Academic Planning


Education Consulting and Academic Planning

Westhill Academy is an all-inclusive and comprehensive educational consulting company that works with individual students and families on any and all educational issues facing young minds. We aim to transform lives and provide innovative solutions through expert educational consultants for students and families. Westhill Academy educational consultants works with Canadian and international students and families on university admissions. The guiding philosophy is making the right educational choice based on knowing and understanding individual student needs. There are roughly three phases to our consulting services;


No matter the situation, the first step is getting to know the student and the family as well as we can. We do this by assessing the needs of the student, their priorities, and the family values. We do this through interviews with the student, family, and key professionals; student and parent questionnaires; informal and formal surveys; testing; and a school record review.

Customized Individual Study Plan

We create a study plan customized for each students to get the biggest score improvements. First, we identify your strengths and challenges to figure out your exact level in different skills of the test you are scheduled to take. Next, we create a week-by-week study plan customized specifically for you. Our experts use frequent assessments to measure your progress. Students adapt required academic skills that will significantly impact their education and professional life to come.

Career Exploration

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” is the age-old question many adults ask children as soon as they have a chance of offering an advise. This question tends to turn into “What are you going to major in?” when they get into high school. Although well-intentioned, these questions can be very daunting to students who are unsure of their career interests. These questions can cause students to feel stressed, nervous and inadequate compared to their peers that already have it all figured out. We don’t think it’s reasonable to expect children to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives , while many adults don’t even know that. We encourage students with providing the tools and steps to engage in self-reflection, research and exploration opportunities

Goal setting

It is not unusual to feel lost when it comes on setting reasonable and achievable academic goals in early high school years. However, students without goals are as ships with no directions in open waters. Therefore, goal setting is an essential part of academic and personal success. Goal setting involves various personal and academic objectives to be covered by considering student’s potential. Our students play active role in setting their own goals and see themselves accountable to achieve them. We support students to take actions by setting goal to reach big dreams through meaningful small actions.

Course planning

Deciding on elective course in high school will help you to explore your interests and challenges as well as to meet university application requirements. We recommend to have a balance approach on course planning process. During the process we help you by discussing your study and learning skills, challenging and stress level, your area of interest and ability to succeed. We will work on a strategic plan for all years to come in high school and beyond.

Extra-curricular planning

Contrary to general belief receiving acceptance from college and universities need more than just good grades and right course selection. Most of universities require an extra-curricular profile nowadays. This may include a strong resume as well as a true version of you in your letter of intend. This is to show your activities and experiences that you have gained so far parallel to your studies in high school. You need to create an authentic and unique profile that shines by representing true you. We will coach you to build a genuine resume over the years by picking actions and community services that represent your uniqueness.

Volunteer activity planning

The high level of competition in university application has made universities to modify their requirements from time to time. University admission staff and faculty are looking to find candidate students that have taken an extra step towards their dream field of study. We will stand with you and guide you to plan and achieve volunteer services in local and international communities whether or not you are part of the physically.

Post placement phase

After the student starts school, we remain involved for the duration of the contract to ensure the student makes a smooth transition. Depending on the family’s needs, we can remain involved long-term and provide long-term support and guidance.

Working phase

Once we know the student and their needs as well as strengths, we can begin to make recommendations based on their goals. We help the student and/or family through all the steps of the process, from identifying schools, programs, or colleges and universities, to applying and accepting the offer of admission. When appropriate, we can facilitate conversations with schools and programs to ascertain the placement.

We work with students to;

• Knowing their abilities, skills, talents and interests
• Understand their personality, learning style and their challenges
• Suggest appropriate universities that my fit them
• Guide the student through the research phase
• Advise on appropriate testing strategies and timelines
• Assist students in telling their stories
• Help them to discover their uniqueness and shine
• Assist them to put their best version in the application
• Help to make the most of their virtual or in person university visits
• Direct students through the essay writing process
• Discuss the financial considerations of their choices
• Coach students on the university interview process
• Work with the student and family on finalizing the university list
• Help students meet all application deadlines
• Help them finalize their choices after acceptances are received
• Advise students through the transition to university