Westhill Academy’s consultants have helped students to receive acceptance from some of the world’s premier universities. These students have been accepted to their dream universities, colleges, professional and trade schools. A Place for Everyone Westhill Academy is a full-service educational consulting company that helps students make a broad range of educational decisions. We mainly focus on university advising including Canada, the US, the UK, and Europe. We work with young minds to explore their area on interest, provide writing support, and small group educational support services. Westhill is proud of providing services to all students and their families.

We recommend students considering Canada and UK begin their exploration stage latest by early grade 10. We need to give some thoughts prior to deciding on grade 11 courses. This is a valuable combination with Career-Life Education class that they usually take in grade 10. Students seeking to study in US universities may start this stage in grade 9 since US process starts earlier than Canadian and UK process.
2Where to start
Our initially interview establishes family/student objectives & goals and collects background information, and sets guidelines and approach for the exploration process.
3Parental involvement
We understand some students desire to handle this process by themselves. However, We expect parents to attend the initial interview in order to be part of setting boundaries and goals.
4Action Plan
Every session will generate an action plan that includes a concrete list of next steps for the student and family to take before their next appointment.
5Appointment Locations
Please note appointments take place at our office, but appointments also can be scheduled as a Skype or zoom meeting session.
6Payment Methods
Initial appointments and follow-up appointments are scheduled for one hour, and are billed at the consultant’s hourly rate. We require full payment after each individual session. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac (debit), cheques or cash.
7Cancellation Policy
Please note that Westhill Academy has a strict 48-hour cancellation policy for all individual and group sessions. In case of any individual or group session cancelled fewer than 48 business hours in advance cost of the full session will be charged.
8Book an appointment
we suggest students and their families to book an appointment when they’re ready to plan after high school.
9Basic information collection
We need report cards, resumes and activity for the first intervew along with a students backgrounfd on learning challenges.
10Basic information collection
We need report cards, resumes and activity for the first intervew along with a students backgrounfd on learning challenges.
11Number of appointments
The number of sessions needed is dependent on a student’s goals. As a general rule, we recommend as follows;
• Grade 9 students to have 2 appointments for the year 9
• Grade 10 students to have 4 appointments for the year 10
• Grade 11 students to have 6 appointments for the year 11
• Grade 12 students to have 8 appointments for the year 12
After your initial session, your consultant will be able to give you an accurate recommendation for appointment scheduling, based on the student’s specific needs and goals.
12Our students
University application and admission process is a teamwork, and can accommodate students with a wide range of academic and learning backgrounds. However, each student is unique and has different timeline and requirements. We extent our tailored services to all those pursue an education path.