IELTS Test Preparation
Program Description:

Prepare for the official IELTS Test (The International English Language Testing System) in this focused intensive preparation program. IELTS is a highly dependable, practical and valid English language assessment available throughout the world. It is used by individuals who are seeking international education and professional recognition. It is benchmarked to international standards and global mobility.

Course Objectives:

This course prepares high intermediate to advanced level students for the IELTS.

• Practice reading a variety of text types. The reading tasks include skimming for gist, scanning for details, understanding text structure/cohesion, deducing meaning from context and interpreting inference, attitude, and style, completing notes, sentences, tables, summaries, and diagrams or flowcharts
• Practice writing formal reports of 150 words in length based on interpretive information of data displayed in bar charts, line graphs, tables; the stages of a particular process or procedure; and/or an Event/Series of events. Essays of 250 words in length to present/discuss opinions, solutions to problems, arguments including evidence
• Practice different language tasks-types through a variety of activities, lectures, role-play, games and assignments

Program Requirement:

To be admitted to Westhill Academy IELTS program, prospective students must meet specific requirements regarding age, prior education, English level, and demonstrated proficiency in the basic skills required for college-level work.

2021 Fees :

Receptive skills$550
Productive skills$550
Material fee$50