Lead Up University Readiness Program

The goal of the Lead Up Program is to provide individual leadership and college/university preparation support to high school students, who aim to enter university by starting to know best version of themselves. This program is to prepare young minds to thrive in high school, college or university. Westhill Academy readiness program supports and enhances their skills, resources, and social networks. Specifically, program participants engage in short and long-term goal-setting activities, action-planning, and identifying resources to build a solid foundation for success in College and University application. Lead Up promote engagement, interactions, and positive social networks development among students and parents, university students and peer advisors, and students and university faculty and staff.


High school students in grade 9 through grade 12 are welcome to apply for the program.

Lead UP Program Objectives

Lead Up provides youth with training and supports in the following areas:
• Individual Leadership Development
Including pro-social behaviors, moral development, and decision-making process
• Academic Skills Development
Goal-setting and identifying resources to support student success in both university application process as well as university completion
• Academic Planning
University application, planning for academic success and scholarship search strategies.

University Campus Visits

University campus visit offers Lead Up learners the opportunity to receive academic advise and preparation ideas for university application process. They receive guidance and coaching from advisors who are university students, staff and faculty. Students participate in sessions and gain insight from experts who work in student advising, admissions, financial aid and student support services. Students are also engaged in recreational activities both on and off campus.
Lead Up provides access to students, staff and faculty in colleges and universities to gain their insight, knowledge, and expertise for how to prepare and be successful in University.
Lead Upprovides unique opportunities for young minds to visit following universities and meet with their students, staff and faculty. Lead Up students can visit the partner campuses each year they are in the program. If a student starts participating in Lead Up in the summer before entering grade 9 and successfully continues in the program through 12th grade, s/he will have participated in more than twenty college and university visits.

Lead Up University Readiness Program

DayTopicWorkshop details
1 Orientation:My life values, strengths and areas of development
2 Exploring I/Me: What is the best version of me?
3 Anxiety: How do I manage obstacles in my academic pursue
4 Goal setting: What is my academic goal? How I want my future to be?
5 Planning future: What is the best version of me?
6 Introducing new me: Creating my own pizza and achieving my crtificate ….