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Recruit Qualified ESL Teachers

Need to hire a qualified and experienced ESL teacher? We have more than 1,000 teachers for you!

Accredited TESOL / TEFL Certification:

When you hire an TESOL graduate, you are ensured that they know how to create a professional lesson plan and can collaborate with your school to create lessons and materials that fit your students’ needs.

Hire Experience:

More than 5 years of experience offering accredited TESOL/TEFL courses. That means many of our graduates are already very experienced ESL teachers who have taught in many different countries and class situations.

Find Teachers with a University Degree:

We can help you fill entry-level positions for recent university graduates or find highly qualified teachers who hold a Master degree in Education or Linguistics.

One on One

In our private One on One lessons, we ensure that your child is receiving all the individual attention that they need and deserve. Sometimes, classroom environments do not provide the needed calm environment for individual attention that some students need to succeed. You can count on Westhill Academy’s friendly tutors to design personalized, interactive and engaging lessons that equip your child with the tools he or she needs to succeed in school.

Small Group Lessons

In order to be able to provide help to all families, Westhill Academy also offers small group tutoring at a reasonable rate. These group sessions are held by our experienced tutors and offer the same high quality of instruction as our private sessions.

Classroom Teaching

In order to support schools with native Canadian Teachers, Westhill Academy also offers online classroom teachers for schools. The classroom Teaching are held by our experienced teachers and offer high quality of instruction.

We connect right teachers to right schools

Westhill academy is a valuable partner to your school from hiring to recruiting, certifying to developing motivated teachers. Westhill academy is founded to connect students with life-changing teachers and help those teachers live their dreams right in their hometown or any part of the world they decide. With two decades of experience in international recruitment, we have unique solutions for every school. More than 400 diffrent schools are finding great teachers with Westhill academy.

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  • Since hiring can
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Finds qualified candidates

  • Whether from our teacher
  • bank our certified graduates,
  • we can find the right fit
  • for your school.