Canada is one of the world’s top destinations for a university education. Why not make it yours? After all, a degree from a Canadian university opens doors and unleashes endless possibilities. It’s not surprising that so many international students choose Canada for their university studies. Canada is home to 11 of the top 250 universities in the world. Our higher learning institutions range from small universities with intimate learning environments to large research-intensive universities with world-class reputations. What’s more, our teaching faculty bring a global perspective to the classroom, 40% have at least one international degree. Our graduates are recognized for their critical thinking, research as well as leadership skills across a wide range of programs.

The USA has the world’s largest international student population, with more than 1,000,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States. Nearly 5% of all students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are international students, and the numbers are growing. US Universities application and admission process requires a great amount of time. We look forward to helping students like you who are considering continuing education in the United States. We can help you to manage this by setting an action plan and well in advance. Canadian citizens do not need visas to study or participate in an exchange program in the U.S. However, Canadian students do need to obtain an I-20 (or DS-2019) Certificate of Eligibility from the university, school or exchange program they plan to attend.

From our world-recognised universities to UK innovative teaching approach and the leading minds who deliver it, UK have what you need to reach your potential. The UK has been the preferred choice for some of the most important minds in history. One in four world leaders has studied in the UK, so if you’re dreaming of achieving big things, you can be sure you’re in the right place in the UK. UK open and inclusive way of life will inspire you, while the country’s rich cultural history will fire your imagination. Considering UK universities are the among the most trusted and respected in the entire world, you’ll be able to develop your best and brightest ideas by studying here.

Europe has one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world. Whether you are an individual seeking undergraduate studies, postgraduate schooling or something else, an amazing education can easily be found in the Europe. No matter what country that you go to there are numerous universities and educational institutions offering world-class education. There is a reason that so many people choose to study university in Europe. As a student you can receive an amazing top quality education, while also enjoying European culture. The universities in Europe offer students the chance to attend their institutions, on a full and part time basis, with a number of great programs and research possibilities. We can help you to decide on country and university that fits best to your goals and interests.

University Applications and Admissions

Perhaps more than anything, both students and families need moral support during the university selection and application process. We have yet to meet a family not needing this type of support. Students and parents can become anxious and need to be reassured that everything will be okay. Sometimes students procrastinate and need someone other than parents to drive the process, keep them organized, and hold them to deadlines. Questions arise and the family needs credible and honest answers. The relationship between students, parents, and us as consultants is critical. This is more than just about “getting things done.” As college and university placement consultants at Westhill Academy, we are working directly with students. These are just some of the ways we work with students as they go through the application process:

Canada, United States & United Kingdom

Providing a comprehensive overview of the university admissions process
Setting realistic and achievable goals by creating an effective study plan for grade 11 and 12
Advising on time management for grade 11 and 12
Creating a tailored list of universities based on the student’s values and interests
Evaluating factors to consider when choosing a school
Finding a field of study or program best suited to the student
Completing all applications & supplements
Generating a checklist of all application tasks
Assessment of admission offers
Final decision-making conversation

In addition to above services following guidence will provided to US and UK university applicant

United States
SAT/ACT/Subject test guidance & prep
United Kingdom
BMAT/UKCAT/LNAT test guidance & prep Interview prep

What We Can Do For You:

Our education consultants will dedicate their time, effort, and wisdom to helping you gain acceptance to your dream schools.

       • Evaluate Your Strengths (from transcript, GPA, SAT and SAT2)
       • Help Plan Your Post-Secondary Academic Career
       • Create a list of universities to choose
       • Decide on final universities to apply
       • Work with you to choose your major
       • Advice on Visas and Financial Aid
       • Develop Early Action / Early Decision Strategies

Assist with Application Completion

       • Make sense of the complex common applications
       • Understanding other international application systems
       • Fine tune your resume
       • Acquire the best counselor report
       • Upgrade your Supplementary Materials: Awards, DVDs, extra letters
          of support, special talents, internships, projects, publications, etc.

Guide you through the Application Essay Process

       • Choose topics
       • Edit, revise, and final review
       • Short answer consultation
       • Prepare you for University Interviews

Everything in between!

The program is open to students in Grades 8-12. While the Grade 12 year of consulting is focused on the application process, we provide value to younger grades by carefully planning course selections, extracurricular and volunteer involvement. We work with you by providing guidance to maximize academic achievement, motivation, and confidence to build your best version for university application process.